Golden girl

Golden girl
canvas / oil / 90х70cm
640 USD
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Genre: figurative
Fine art expert comment

The work represents a combination of minimalistic still life in the foreground, consisting of few objects that V. Levina depicts in generalized manner, using expressive graphics and single colour range, and a slightly planar figure of a girl in the background painted down to her knees, with a fluttering mop of luxuriant brown hair that mix as if in a gust of invisible wind with the autumn leaves of the lofty bouquet. The colour range is drawn up on combination of two basic perceptions, with brown tones emphasizing and underlining the luminous yellow, golden background. Generalization of the background and still life details as well as the girl’s silhouette contrast with almost unshaded strokes and details that are finely and meticulously worked out by the painter. The canvas is full of fine symbolism of color, subtle rhythm of lines that in whole create a laconic and expressive image of union of man and nature, of their indissoluble beauty. “Golden”, painted by the young artist, indicates her search for modern pictorial language and her own ways of expressiveness.