Still life with mandolin

Still life with mandolin
canvas / oil / 70х75cm
1 920 USD
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Genre: still life
Style: realism
Fine art expert comment

The work “Still Life with a Mandolin” by the young artist V. Mikhailov is painted in a genre of classic still life. The canvas is decided in a single coloristic manner, with prevailing cold tones rather expressive and noble in their palette. The author perceives unhurriedly and studies thoughtfully the unpretentious beauty of inanimate antique objects, bringing his spectators into their quiet and mysterious life full of deep inner meaning. He places the selected items on the surface of the table which he locates near the bottom line of the canvas, against the wall with a faded greenish drapery hanging down. The table covered with several cloths of various sizes, textures and designs becomes the place where the painter draws up a still life of his own. This is an image of a white china vase with a chipped edge in a shape of a broad bowl on a stem, two old and empty wine bottles, as if reminding of bygone joys, and a mandolin the body of which, quite expressive in form and workmanship, has also been exposed by time. There is a full glass of wine before the mandolin though, on a small snow-white napkin, as if saying that what we see here is not a world of deserted objects, that life goes on in spite of time’s damaging impact. And the anaglyph sculptural portrait of Dante Alighieri on the wall rises above all the listed items, embodying the eternity of lyric poetry as well as the infinite poetry of routine this earthly world possesses.