Echoes of Gods number 4

"Echoes of the Gods" personal exhibition
From the first view on works, comes the sensation that you are in a place where there time doesn’t exist. The active movements of the muscles of the male,slender and desire in women’s bodies, all this involves into a world where people tutch the life of the Gods. Enjoying the life, games is the main occupation for the characters the paintings. All sweetness of Texture, color, brushwork - is to depict heat of Greece, to report the saturation and the integrity of the images. The sharp lines of the images are charged by velocity and dynamics.
Wealth, luxury, and scorching heat are coming from the canvases, and the energy that tends into space, is only positively charged.

Ivan Pavluchenko, art critic.
Echoes of Gods number 4
canvas / oil / 90х70cm / 2012
4 200 USD
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Genre: nude