canvas / oil / 61х110cm / 2008
3 000 USD
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Style: modern
Fine art expert comment

Ironic and memorable painting 'Sausages' by Valery Veselovsky falls perfectly under the stylistic term of 'primitive art'. Though it lacks any booth-fair characters as well as any cheap popular print didacticism or mythology, it captures all the realities of rustic provincial life: buildings of different shape and size, a lopsided fence, a grocery store. So this is the 'naive' art, but it's evident that its simplicity conceals an awareness of high mission of the artistic method of one's own. The painting’s space is crowded with buildings, each of them seeming to have its own perspective, like in the works of the 18th century amateur painters. The vertical lines of aerials, planks and poles counterbalance the horizontal and diagonal lines of fences and roofs, bringing dynamics and therefore the sense of life into the landscape. That is what this art is all about. Something invisible exists between the artist and his canvas, something that twists the reality but fills the simple and sometimes funny things with life force and peculiar charm. And these are the qualities to be valued in the painting by Veselovsky.