canvas / oil / 60х69cm / 2001
360 USD
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Keywords: Alupka, Crimea

Style: realism
Fine art expert comment

The transformation of everyday motifs into landscapes is typical for Victoria Kharchenko's art, her ‘Alupka’ being no exception. Original composition, created by the choice of lower point of view seems to be rather peculiar, looking more as a 'random framing', a spotted from life plot than a thoroughly designed construction. Though the sky space is almost lacking on the canvas, with the house standing high on the stone-faced terrace, the house doesn't look massive nor heavy – on the contrary, it seems to be 'sculpted out' of sunbeams; neither does the wall beneath it look monotonous - and all this is achieved by the richness of colour nuances and elaboration of the tones in the every part of the canvas. With the help of saturated palette, color shades and vibrating space of light and air the author skillfully creates emotional landscape-impression. Every stone, every branch seems to be pierced with sparkling sunlight, the one we can often enjoy in the paintings by Renoir or Pissarro. And besides with the help this technique the author manages to convey the very atmosphere of a little coastal town, of the rest and pacification of the South.