The Stroll

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The Stroll
canvas / oil / 24х41cm
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Style: realism
Fine art expert comment

This horizontal composition with parallel planes portraying the panorama of St-Petersburg’s embankment is drawn in the best traditions of the Russian school of Realism. Specific signs of St-Petersburg’s winter - wet asphalt, thawing snow, lowering sky - are conveyed wonderfully with the help of subtle colour nuances. In spite of the painting’s small format the artist is capable to capture and show the character and mood of each figure. Not only can we discern their ages, we can also catch the pace and even distinguish the dogs’ breed. A warm winter day, when your feet sink in the slush and the sun bestows its light just briefly and sparingly upon the city, is captured by the artist so tangibly that you seem to breathe in this moist odor which is the first herald of inevitable spring.