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Nesvetailo Tatiana
St.Petersburg, Russia

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Nesvetailo Tatiana

Graduated St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after IE Repin, Department History and theory of arts.
Member of the Russian union of artists (department History and theory of arts).
Senior researcher at the State Russian Museum.

Apple Tree. Pavlova Maria

The paining by Maria Pavlova, Apple Tree, undoubtedly being the result of her communications with nature, captures the enthusiasm for the visual environment, sheer rapture of contact with it. The apple tree branch in full blossom with its intricate arabesque-like pattern is the main part of composition. All the rest - white vase, a shade attuned to the branch etc., dissolves in the idea of blossoming. Light, bright and ringing coloring that the artist uses so skillfully, creates the impression of fest and animation. Such a masterly painting combined with the natural energy it emanates could tone up the space of any interior where it would be placed.

Spring. Saprykin Viktor

Personified image of Spring is not uncommon subject in the history of world art. But here the author interprets it in quite an unexpected way. Symbolic composition fascinates, inviting a spectator for reflection. The center of the painting as well as its semantic dominant presents as the sheet covered with writings, hiding the face of yet sleeping Spring. Could this be a message with codified program for eternal renovation and self-revival of Nature? Vertical format adds to the composition some dynamics and a tendency for moving upward. Rhythm of dry stem verticals piercing through the flame-colored pyramid of hair serves the same impression. The painting’s space is organized as a combination of two points of view (straight and from above), and the portrayal of inanimate nature as concealing a vital force almost physically sensed by a spectator allows the author to reproduce the ambivalence of the world.